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Willys Lamb Gyro

Try our delicious Gyro today with our tzatziki sauce. Our pita bread is the best pita in Orange county

Chicken Gyro

Willys Chicken Gyro

Don’t forget to try the mouthwatering chicken gyro served with a small side of macaroni.

Eggs Benedict

Willys Eggs Benedict

The Best Eggs Benedict anywhere in the country. !!!

Welcome To Willys Eatery

Lamb Gyro


Willy’s Eatery has been a part of Anaheim since 1986! Family owned and operated, it has thrived on serving the highest quality products at lowest possible prices. In today’s health conscious world, Willy’s Eatery has taken the lead on serving the healthiest and tastiest meals in Town. Our unique blend of Greek and American cuisine has earned us praise in many places. Most recently Willy’s Egg’s Benedict was picked to be the best in Orange County by the prestigious Orange Coast Magazine (July 2010).

Greek Salad


Try our amazing “Those Potatoes” with it and you will be hooked for life! Willy’s famous chicken has over a hundred-year-old Greek recipe, handed down over generations to Willy’s Eatery’s co-founder Willy. The chicken breasts are marinated with special Mediterranean Herbs and Spices overnight and then grilled to perfection. Some have called it a work of art, however, we like to call it simply a really good and healthy sandwich. If you like Gyros, you have got to try it at Willy’s.

Cold Cut Sandwich


You can have it with either our incredibly fluffy rice or our super tasty Greek salad. Willy’s Cold Cut Sandwiches are prepared with the leanest choice meats. All the sandwiches are served on a variety of breads that are delivered fresh each day from a local bakery. The Squaw Bread has been known to have addictive qualities with its hearty and sweet taste All our soups are prepared fresh daily by Ann. They are all unbelievably delicious.